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Members Layouts for Exhibitions


This is a small selection of Members layouts that are exhibited and are available, some are willing to take up short notice exhibitions.

More will be added when the details become available.


We welcome requests to exhibit our Club layouts at Model Railway Exhibitions and other events, Our layouts have and are asked to be exhibited in the UK and have even been known to travel to mainland Europe.

For further details of members layouts for exhibitions please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.


Mills End by Roy Pearce This layout is now up for sale.

With transformers for lights and points

Prodigy Advance 2 DCC Control and three hand controllers

Contact us for details about this sale

00 DCC with Sound layout size 12 feet X 3 feet


 Mill?s End is the home of a fictional depot and station in the South-East of England.
A variety of trains from 1960 to the present day approach through the hillside towards the station, arriving at Mill?s End with freight, DMU and loco-hauled passenger services.
A former stone merchant?s yard now serves as a base for Network Rail?s maintenance fleet; refueling, servicing and replenishing permanent-way materials.
Shell operates a nearby fuel distribution centre, transferring oil from rail to road, whilst a miscellany of other goods are unloaded across the yard, ready for their onward journey.
Mill?s End is filled with the evocative rumble of a Diesel-heavy depot, thanks to DCC sound-fitted locomotives. Beneath the high street, a working mill stream and lively church are just some of the layout?s many intricacies.
The latest in a succession of layouts spanning over sixty years, this 2012 layout was built by Roy Pearce, lovingly supported by his son and grandson.


Elboe N Gauge Presented By Ken Paul

Size: 6' x 5'

As the name implies Elboe is an "L" shaped layout, modelled on two levels. The lower level incorporates a cement works with rail and canal facilities with an adjacent station appropriately named "Wellard". From here trains can either run across the canal and through the cliffs to a three road fiddle yard or follow the course of the canal to "Canal Junction". The latter has an automatic shuttle unit fitted.

The upper level runs from a two road fiddle yard to "Elboe" station and town High Street. Elboe has a run round loop which can also be used for goods traffic. The location is fictional and the layout is set in the late steam/early diesel period of BR.



 See www.oldarticwear.webs.com for further details 

 Details of the Dengie Peninsula and South East Essex Light Railway station at Maldon (Market Hill)

 Maldon Market Hill station is a small EM Gauge (18.2) layout.

The layout is approximately 1.70 metres long X 0.30 metres wide, although it would be best to allow a footprint of 2mts X 1.3 mts for safety and ease of movement for the operators. The viewing area is presented in the form of a small working diorama and this is 1.20 metres, the viewer has to look around the edges to see the whole area. It will need two operators to work the layout and only one car is required to transport the layout.

The layout is self supporting and stands on its own trestles and has it own lights, a stock table can be supplied. An electric socket will be required to power the layout and lights. A black fire retardant cloth is used to cover the exposed area between the bottom of the layout and the floor. 

1950s Market Hill, Maldon
Due to the prosperity after rationing was eased during the mid-1950s Market Hill station has been rebuilt with a new trackplan that has allowed longer trains and more trains to make use of the station and is now known as Market Hill, Maldon. The pilot loco now has its own siding and does not have to stay in the open air when its not working as it can shelter under the 'rebuilt' overbridge............. So is the premise of building a new layout with a revised trackplan that is roughly the same size as the original. This new build is 2mts long and now 00 finescale track (code 75) and is contolled by DCC........... just in case we run the occasional sound equipped Loco....................Picture of the new Market Hill, Maldon.
As interest in the EM Gauge Maldon Market Hill on the Exhibition 'Circuit' seemed to be dropping, I drew a new and more complicated track plan. I have built the new version and now I have two layouts with the same name as I did not want to dispose of the old EM Gauge version. The background and surrounding area of both layouts is the same. The original has been exhibited in its current form since 1998 (1996 not complete) and the new 00 version has been exhibited since june 2016.

Deyton Heights by Andrew Ambrose

 "As the cold, dark dank chill goes right through to your bones, the windy City is certainly living up to her name..............."

Deyton Heights............. the kinda place you don't go to when the lights go down............ and they do!


 This is an HO dark, gloomy and atmospheric American themed switching yard 50inches X 19inches (1300mm X 500mm).  The whole area is over due for redevelopment. This is a Yard that?s been made from the old Interurban Tramways that have since been abandoned. The main feature of this is the 'Works' building in the foreground. All manner of goods and articles are shipped into and out of this building in boxcars and other trucks by the railroad. In the Background there is a Commissary Building that's used for the unloading and restocking of Dining Cars and Baggage Cars for the big overland express passenger routes. The tight confines of the yard are at a low level to the overhead main lines that criss-cross the yard. The time period is from the mid 1940?s to early 1950?s. The whole area of the layout is a rundown industrial side of town near to a large station.



 "00" Size:- 10' x 10'

 Barlin Sands is unique in having a preserved tramway system providing a public transport service along the sea front. The tramway stock is predominantly ex-Blackpool Balloons and Railcars, some of which are on loan for the season. The comings and goings of the different trams with their distinctive liveries and advertising slogans along the reserved esplanade track gives a sense of transport history but in a modern day setting.

The layout includes the tramway, moving roadway system, fairground, beach/harbour, illuminations and sound effects captures the excitement of the seaside and provides lots of movement and interest.


Stubbles Mill by Dave Hunt

DCC Narrow Gauge 

0-16.5 Track Gauge 7mm/ft Scale Size 9ft X 3ft 

 Stubbles Mill is an agricultural layout depicting a 'Smock Windmill' that works. The yard is full of agricultural implements that litter any works such as this. The Trains are DCC controlled and there is a small loading platform that doubles as a Station Platform for the few people that use the sometimes available passenger service.........  


  7mm Narrow Gauge 0-16.5 Size 8ft X 8ft
The layout is my idea of an English narrow gauge railway built in the early 1900's. The location is somewhere between East Anglia and Wales with a bit of the Lake District thrown in for good measure. You are seeing the railway as it was in the late 30's to early 40's The railway was built by the Bewsie Brewery Company for the transport of hops, malt and coal into the brewery and both bottled and cask fine ales from the brewery, with the line connecting to both the nearest canal and standard gauge railway. Competition from road transport could have spelt the end for the railway but being civic minded the brewery owners presented it to the good people of the town of Bewsie. Soon the railway had been extended to the market town of Tipsie, a few miles away, and beyond to the local quarry from which the railway was contracted to convey gravel to the canal wharf.


East Dunnet on the Thurne Valley Railway

By Andrew Smith

 See www.oldarticwear.webs.com for further details

Photo by Brian Bassington and is used with his kind permission.

 0 Scale: 7mm/foot. Track Gauge: 16.5mm More commonly known as 0-16.5

0 scale on narrow gauge track

The Thurne Valley Railway grew out of the need of the local population of Thurne with the surrounding villages and neighbouring hamlets to open up this area of East Norfolk and the Broads to the growing population and to also get more of the local produce to the larger market towns for the producers.

It was decided that a railway would be one of the means to serve this need, however the main railway companies around this time (late 19th century) had built their railways from London to Norwich and on to Cromer via Wroxham and also Great Yarmouth to Norwich via Acle and Brundall. The Small Hamlet of Thurne felt that they were missing out on these enterprises and so formed the Thurne Valley Railway Company.

And so begins the origins (excuse) to build a model railway.............................

This O-16.5 layout (originally called Rosie Cider Farm) was a small working diorama of a small farm that produces cider the owner uses trains to move the cider and other goods around and it was all contained within a 30inch X 20inch baseboard. At this size it won the Chelmsford and District Narrow Gauge competition in 2004.

The first 'rebuild' in 2010 was really to add an extension to make the operation more interesting. This new 'extension' saw the small hamlet and station of 'East Dunnet' appear and this increased the size to 60 X 30inches.

I have now made a complete rebuild of the whole layout to 72 X 36inches and have manged to use all of the original buildings. The Rosie Cider Farm main building has now had its working clock added, at last. The side buildings to this main building are new as the old ones did not have the clearance that has now been adopted throughout the complete new build.

There is now a 'Wood Yard' with a couple of sidings at the opposite end to the small village of 'East Dunnet'. This new build also allows trains to run around in a complete circuit now.

 The original Rosie Cider Farm was inspired by a visit to The Musée du Cidre, Vannes (Brittany, France), the layout is built to O scale (roughly 7mm to the foot) and uses 16.5mm gauge track.

The Name Rosie Cider Farm, reminds me of the book 'Cider with Rosie' by Laurie Lee. The novel is an account of Lee's childhood in a village, in the period soon after the First World War. It chronicles the traditional village life which disappeared with the advent of new developments, such as the coming of the motor car, and relates the experiences of childhood seen from many years later. I hope this layout captures that spirit.




Engaine-cum-Hardy by Robin French

5ft x 3ft N Gauge

"Engaine-cum-Hardy" was featured in the Sept. and Oct. 2013 editions of "Railway Modeller" showing just what can be modelled on a table-top.

"Engaine" has a four-road mainline station able to receive two seven-coach trains simultaneously on the "up" and "down" lines (Platforms "2" & "3") whilst branch line trains terminate in (Bay) Platform "1" or (connecting ones) use Platform "4" on the far side of the station.

There is also a four-road Loco Shed with a working Turntable & Coaling Tower to turn, service & coal locos ready for their next turn of duty. The Yard also has a Breakdown Crane & Snowplough for emergencies, The Industrial Area has a Goods Yard, Coal Yard and a private local Brewery siding with a wagon turntable that also works to increase the Brewery?s unloading capacity.




Shepherds Mine by Patrica French 

 Its incredible to think that this 009 layout is only 20inches square.

 Shepherds Mine is set in the Lake District and this layout has a complete circuit of track in a small space. The atmosphere is one of a mine working set in some spectacular countryside. The turntable is working to provide access to the mine and sidings.


 Roast Green Road Depot 0-16./09 7mm Narrow Gauge 2mts X 600mm

By Andrew Smith



Roast Green is a small hamlet north of Essex on the Cambridgeshire Border. The area is very rural agricultural land and as such large farms are quite the norm in this part of East Anglia. This particular Farm has a small narrow gauge railway to move the produce from the fields to the Farm and beyond. As the farmer likes to maintain his own railway 'in house' he has a Depot on the road from Clavering, to Roast Green and has the name Roast Green Road. This is where the rolling stock can be serviced and maintained. Around the Depot there is an even smaller narrow gauge railway that moves heavy items around the maintenance depot. The Turntable forms one end of the loop that is used to turn the trains around. All the buildings are scratch built and the rolling stock is a mixture of kit and scratch built. All of it to a scale of 7mm/foot (0 Gauge) and the track and rolling stock is a mixture of narrow Gauge 0-16.5mm and 0-9mm.

More details can be found on my web pages:


More pictures can be found on my web pages:



Hopewell Spring 6ft X 4ft 00 DCC Controlled Layout by Andrew Smith


PIcture showing Ungated Level Crossing at the Station on Hopewell Spring.

Hopewell Spring is a really an exercise in what can be achieved when making a 'Train Set' with realistic landscape modelling. It was made for a special 1940s themed event held at the St. Augustine Church, Springfield, Chelmsford September 2014.

It can be used as a Public operation layout (Pay & Play) or it can be exhibited as it is using two operators. The size is approximatley 6ft X 4ft. This size allows 2nd radius curves to be used and can now run most ready to run rolling stock. It is operated by DCC and this again allows a new dimension to be added in the form of DCC Sound Locomotives.

 More details can be found here: Opens in New Window

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Upper Downham 7mm Narrow Gauge by Andrew Smith

The sleepy village of Upper Downham who's actual location has been lost in the mists of time.........has a small narrow gauge thats connects to the other villages and settlements to the larger conurbation at the other end of the line.........

View of the station from the road over bridge...........

More details can be found here: Opens in a new window

 and if you would like to book this layout for an event. Opens in new window.


For further details of members layouts for exhibitions and membership details please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.


Our next Main Exhibition will be held at the St. John Payne School,
Patching Hall Lane,
United Kingdom

20st October 2018

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