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Club Layouts available for Exhibitions

The club currently has many layouts in "OO", "OO9", "N", "On30" and "O" scales, all of them are available for Exhibitions. The Club also has a 00 Gauge Public Operated layout (Pay & Play) that is available for Fêtes, Bazaars and any event that need to raise funds. 

We welcome requests to exhibit our Club layouts at Model Railway Exhibitions and other events, Our layouts have and are asked to be exhibited in the UK and have even been known to travel to mainland Europe.

Club Members also exhibit their own private layouts.


For further details on any of the club layouts or to arrange an exhibition booking please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.

 Click here to see all our club layouts 'in action'. Opens in a new window and video with many thanks to Laurie Calvert

Haddon Bank "OO" 4mm/foot scale 16.5mm gauge17' x 12'

For further details or to arrange an exhibition booking please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.

Haddon Bank is the Clubs most prestigious '00' layout. It was decided that there was a need for a large layout capable of allowing members to run express type loco's with realistic length trains, both passenger and goods. After some debate and changes along the way, Haddon bank evolved. Basically it is a continuous run layout with three sections, up and down main, incorporating a goods loop, and a branch line. A fair sized loco depot occupies centre stage. The era is about the late forties to early fifties, the location is somewhere in England, possibly central to eastern, though to accommodate members various interests trains from all regions may well be seen. There is no station on scene, but the station building can be seen at the end of the brick cutting on the right, with a residential area and associated water treatment works.Passing clockwise one passes from this area of habitation to one of vegetation past the loco depot over the canal and off scene through a cutting and tunnel.

  Track work is both hand built and ready made fine scale. Apart from a few points in the fiddle yard all point work is hand built including the single slips and a switched crossing near the canal. The layout is named in memory of the late Alan Haddon who was one of the original members involved with the layout. He was particularly skilful in constructing three way points, examples of which may be seen in the fiddle yard.


That Dam Railway "009" (Narrow Gauge "00") Layout size 9' x 6'

For Further information or to arrange an exhibition booking please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.


This layout seems to have acquired the name "That Dam Railway" by the rest of the club members. It is placed somewhere in Wales around the turn of the last century (1880's to 1920's), when dam building in the Welsh valleys was at its peak for the provision of water supplies to the growing English cities of the Midlands and North West. You see the dam under construction using dressed stone for the outer layers and an infill of crushed stone and concrete.In front of the dam is the quarry and stone dressing yard while on the hill to the right is the stone crushing and cement mixing plant. Further down the valley is the workers village built by the company which consists of temporary buildings housing families, and single workers in dormitories. All of their physical and spiritual needs are catered for by the company as the dam site is some distance from the nearest town. The main line runs high up on the hillside so that it can be used after the valley has been flooded and the switch back is used to bring men and materials to and from the valley floor. The main line connects the works with an interchange to the standard gauge down the valley and continues to climb further up the valley to other dams that are under construction.

To see a video Clip of the 'Dam Railway' click this link (opens a New Window)


Chelma Canyon  1:48 Scale 0n30 5.5m X 5.5m

 For Further information or to arrange an exhibition booking please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.

Chelma Canyon was inspired by Colorado narrow gauge railways used for transportation in remote locations for passengers, freight and mining materials.  Our model (which is about 80% complete at present) incorporates a main line running through the town and on down to the canyon by and over the river.  In addition there is a line running up steep gradients and over high bridges to the Chelma Canyon Mine.  A central back scene separates the two sides of the layout giving quite different aspects of the layout for the viewers.  The wye in the town leads to the fiddle yard with interesting operating opportunities.  The layout is fully DCC controlled with sound equipped locomotives.

Click here to see a video of Chelma Canyon in Action (opens in a new window)


 Melbury "N" gauge 2.062mm/foot scale 9mm gauge12' x 3'4"

For further details or to arrange an exhibition booking please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.

Melbury is a circular 'N' gauge layout on three levels. It has been constructed with the object of finding what gradients loco's are capable of climbing whilst negotiating tight curves. It is possible to run up to 5 trains on separate tracks and the ability to change both tracks and direction is available by the use of two reversing loops. There is also a small goods yard at one end. As this is a club layout there is no specific era or location as this enables any member to run their stock but most stock is in the 40's to 60's era. All track and points are Peco and the points are operated with SEEP motors. The control panel is fully illuminated with LED's and a maximum of 5 hand controllers can be in use simultaneously.


Columbia Wharf "OO" gauge 4mm/foot scale 16.5mm gauge 16' X 2'

For further details or to arrange an exhibition booking please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.

Columbia Wharf is the former scrap yard that was near to the Station at Grays, Essex and was owned By Thomas Ward. Boats were driven up to the Wharf along the River Thames and were cut up, along with other vehicles and vessels. The scrap metal was then transported by rail to various steel makers.







 Rolvenden 'War and Peace' OO 4mm/foot scale 16.5mm gauge 16' X 2'6".

For further details or to arrange an exhibition booking please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.

This layout is a faithful representation of the Rolvenden 840ft. station yard on the Kent and East Sussex Railway, as it was in the 1940s, covering both wartime and peacetime rail traffic.The buildings with the exception of the oast house (which is a repainted Hornby Skaledale), are scratch-built using photographs and plans from various reference books.  The cottage  is a replica of Colonel Stephen?s Staff Cottage which was at Rolvenden and has been renovated and now at Northiam Station.

A hop field has been included as this was a major feature of the area, together with typical hop-pickers hut and gypsy caravan .   Ground cover is a mixture of ?Woodland Scenics? and real ash & dirt to add to the authenticity.



St. Michaels Bridge "0" gauge 26 feet X 16 feet

For further details or to arrange and exhibition booking, please use the form on the 'Contact Us' page.


 St. Michaels Bridge is the latest 0 gauge layout built by members of this club. It has scenery on three sides but the 8 road fiddle yard does attract a fair amount of interest and due to this it can, where possible, give a 360 degree viewing capability. The control of this layout is DC or Wireless DCC and has a separate control panel. Scenery and buildings are scratch built and has a narrow gauge railway serving the warehouses and canal wharf.

Video of St Michaels Bridge can be found here..... (opens in new window). 


More pictures of St. Michaels Bridge can be found here... (opens in new window)


Train Playtime 00 Gauge 1.25mts X 1.60mts


This layout has been constructed using a Hornby Trackmat (125cm X 160cm) to illustrate the 'Starter Sets' that are available for model railways that are a good starting point for Children.

The Chelmsford & District Model Railway Club have made this layout fully portable so it can be used at School or Church fetes, bazaars and any other functions where Children (or Adults) can have the fun of 'driving' a model train.

To raise funds for your own cause we suggest that donations are made by the users.



Thriftwood Parva

is a new 00 DCC layout is under construction which is 14 feet X 8 feet. It is going to be in the style of 'Modern Image' from the 'Blue Period' to the present day. Many of the locos will have full sound capability. 'Steam Rail Tours' will also be run occasionally to satisfy the 'need for steam' along with the 'Heritage Diesels'........


Class 153 and 121 Diesel Railcar on Thriftwood Parva.........

Watch this space for more updates.........................


Barling 12ft long by 6ft wide N Gauge

The location of Barling is fictitious as the stock which is owned by members covers all regions and areas. The period is around the late 40?s or early 50?s when a mixture of pre and post nationalization could legitimately be seen. It has been constructed with two aims in mind, to allow several members to run their stock simultaneously on club nights, and when on exhibition to endeavour to have something moving at all times.

The idea of BARLING was first conceived in about 1994 as a replacement for the then current Club 'N' gauge layout. At the time space was very restricted in the clubs premises, so it was decided to produce a layout with the operators inside the layout footprint. This was built and exhibited from about 1996 to around 2001.

It was then sold to a club member who installed it in his loft and continued to operate it until his death in 2014. His relatives having no further interest in it, offered it back to the club and it was reinstalled in our new clubrooms in 2015 and has since been extensively re-furbished.

The layout is operated from the middle.

It is viewable on 1,2 or 3 sides so that the maximum space required is 16ft by 6ft.

 A main and suburban line runs in each direction and a goods loop which can be run either way. The interchange station of Barling allows passengers to change from the main to the suburban line which also serves the village of Rushley. They can also catch the shuttle (which is automatic), and runs along the front of the layout between Barling and a nearby market town which is offscene. The goods and loco depots are controlled separately so that shunting these areas can take place independently. The fiddle yard situated at the rear can accommodate at least 10 trains.

For more information please Contact us (click here to open the page)


for further enquiries of the availability of this layout please Contact Us (opens a new page)


Video of the 2014 Chelmsford Model Railway Exhibition can be found by 'clicking' this Link. 

 More layouts are being constucted by our Club and and these will be available for exhibitions when thay are nearer completion.

For any comments about this site and further details of the club and membership details please contact us using the web form provided on the Contact Us page.

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